Wednesday, December 24, 2008

aten-shi's 20th bday

fried chicken


birthday cake

to aten-shi, happy 20th birtday. finally! we are the same age. no more calling me onni k! hahaha. so we made a party for her on 17th december. we planned it 1 week earlier. the night before that, we just act as usual. we didn't even wished her happy birthday. she was quite surprised and looked sad but sorry aten-shi, we have to be cruel so that the party went well. i slept quite late that night because jaja's housemates came to our house to celebrate aten's birthday. so i woke up early in the morning but not as early as nani onni. so we quietly made the kimbab. surprisingly, it turned out really yummy. the minute we finished making it, aten woke up. so we were glad that our plan went well. so we asked zura to help us with our plan to get aten out of the house. so they went out around 2pm. god knows where they went for the next 6 hours! so during that time, onni and i went out to wekalah to get some stuff for the party. after that, we went to baron to get the cake. it's so hard for us to get a cab at that moment to go back home. finally, someone's willing to send us home.

me: syari' muntaseer? (muntaseer street)

cab driver: fiin fi muntaseer? (which part of muntaseer)

me: akhir gala'? (end of gala')

cab driver: fi el-bah? (near the river)

me: aiwah! (yep)

cab driver: mehsyi (ok)

so we got on the cab. guess what? nama pun dah arab yang kuat menipu kan so the cab driver stopped us not at the end of the street but front of the street. so nani onni was like so mad she yelled at the cab driver

nani onni: lau samah ley fi henna. awalan enta ul fi el-bah (excuse me! but why here? you said earlier near the river)

cab driver: la'. anna auza ala thur (no. i want to go straight)

me: lakin ana hagah kathir (but i have lots of stuff with me)

cab driver: la'ah (no no no)

we were like so mad and suddenly the cab driver yelled at us asking us to pay the money. it's not like we're not paying or something. so i just handed him the money and he took off. our hands were full with stuffs and we have to walk quite far. what a day! as soon as we reached home, nani onni went out again to totty to get the birthday party deco and i cooked the seaweed soup and fried the chicken. we were waiting for ecah and jue to help us with the deco but it took us ages to do so. when they reached the house, we finished doing everything. so we called zura to bring aten back home. we thought of surprising aten when she opened the door but too bad she didn't bring the key (bertuah punya budak!). she didn't look that surprise though. hahaha. so we ate the food and later she opened up all the presents. i slept quite early that night because i was too tired. so that's the end of the day. :p

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