Monday, November 30, 2009

already gone

yesterday, finally i got the chance to meet my landlord. he said the rent for this month is 500le and so does next moth. if next month i agree la cause aten n knani know bout this but for this month? earlier he said it was free because just burn the deposit earlier but how now? where to korek the remaining cash? sad3x. don't know what else i'm supposed to do. if i wanna go out, sure i have to find a house but it's kinda hard to do so. next month is gonna be the study month cause we have exam on january. i've been here for only a month and lots of problem have occured. why can't he just clarify it earlier the exact amount when everybody was here. now that i'm alone, you can ketok me suka hati la kan. on top of that, i've been sick since they left. really got no energy right now. i'll just leave the rest to Allah. hope he'll give me a sign for everything. frankly - i gave up

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