Sunday, November 29, 2009

salam eid-adha

hows your raya people? mine was ok la. slept at al's for 2 days. ate nasi ayam during the first day of raya. the night before, had dinner at ulfah's. thanks to them for inviting me. during the second day, attend the jamuan raya at istaad during the day and had tqa's birthday party at pizza party during the night. i gained 2 kilos in just few days ok! penat2 je diet. i have a plan during this winter. hopefully it's a dream come true. already asked mama bout it and she said ok but abah just ignored my text. sad3x. now, i'm just waiting for confirmation from my peeps. hopefully it's a yes from all of them. plan to study xde but plan nak jalan2 sudah ada. bagus sangat la tu kan sab oi. right now, my current situation with the house is still unknown. whether to move out@not. everything depends on the landlord. hopefully a total no no. if i move out, sure gonna use lots of cash. budget for winter will be reduced and it's not gonna be cute

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