Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my saving grace

phew! it's been ages since i last updated my blog. super busy. revisions, study groups and going to the museums. alhamdulillah all the classes and lab sessions ended. i got full marks for my practical and log book. yippie!!! i forgot that on sunday there was still last session for histo. the thing is that i was at gamaah after all but studying the jars. if only there's someone to remind me. haha. now i need a reason to go to gamaah to take my histo book back and give my photo to mr. ibrahim. any volunteers? keke

on the 1st april, there was this solat jemaah thingy for 3rd years. i went to paah's first and together with tya and tqa we went to fifi's house. met all my batch from there. it's been ages!!! lots of hugs and kisses. saw jajana and the geng so i decided to went back home with them. at first wanted to sleep at paah's but i forgot that i need to help jaja to decorate her house for ad's surprise birthday party the next day. the next day, went down and blew all the balloons available. had cakes and kfc at the party. ummu's housemates and aisa were even there. played games till midnight. but i had lots of fun. fun before finals.

kata orang tak kenal maka tak cinta. i totally agree with that. lots of people that i don't really know are now my close friends. therefore peeps, don't judge a book by its cover. get to know that person first, then you get to decide. to all my mansourian friends, thanks for making my days. i love you all so much eternally


fatin suhaimi said...

kamu,,,pkai baju kurung tu ekk???windu aku ke???huhhuhu

Sabrina Halim said...

cun kan?
ala2 gdis kg gitu
mstla rndu