Sunday, April 25, 2010


dear blog, mummy feels so sorry for abandoning you for such a long time. been super duper busy. forgive me kay?

so far, practicals are going down soon. next - written. the most killer one. aim high people. i really need mumtaz for my papers. like really really bad. T_T. hopefully i can get it insyaAllah

after the sheets today, went out and had lunch at shruk with dino. window-ed shopping at ravin and i found a perfect pair of jeans for me. too bad i didn't bring extra cash with me so i'm coming back to ravin the day after tomorow after my anat paper. wanted to use my card to buy it but i just spent it on paying my bills. so, have to wait then. as-sobru minalkhoir. hehehe

the first time i went to awadalla (kinda like tesco, carrefour etc), i went with bobo. she told me the cab was usually 5le. i was like what the heck? it's not that far. even if u wanna go to dirasat, it just costs 2le. but when i went with dino, it was actually 2le. liar cab drivers. musy kuwayyis ya ammu. haram alaik!!! i'll just go to awadalla if someone's accompanying me or if dino wants to go there cause he really loves that place. don't have the guts to go there. one, cause it's quite far. two, i'll be struggling with the stuffs that i buy and three, afraid of being tricked by the cab drivers.

lots to blab about but i just couldn't find some time to type. exams are like day after day. i don't even have time finish my study. serves you right!!! who asks you to do the last minute thingy??? besides, just when you are busy, lots of idea on what to write about but just when you are a bit free to blog, the idea just seems stuck

i'm going to cairo with dino after my practicals are over to claim the money. the conflict right now - whether to go or not to city stars? herm,,,

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