Thursday, April 29, 2010

i know u want me

done with the practicals and sheets and now it's time to focus on written and oral. "huge sigh". it's ok! i love exams cause it's fun fun fun. you are definitely attempting suicide if you wanna be a doctor without exams. so, be positive people!

after the exam yesterday, went down to metro cause dino wanted to draw some cash from the atm. after that we went to samanoudy cause i wanted to go to the tailor to alter my jeans. too bad the shop was closed. i found a fish shop and i bought samak mashwy (fish grilled) for my lunch and dinner. went straight back home uh-oh and did i mention that i walked from university to metro. then from metro to samanoudy and finally back home. it's like a marathon!!! haha

the agenda of the day - marathoning gossip girl and 90210. done with malrose place and adamaya. hehe. gotta start moving my ass working on my study. till then, bye peeps

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