Wednesday, June 4, 2008

KMPP H7P2 06/07

me kneeling fourth from the right@left

it's been a year since i left matrix penang. miss the place so much. there's nothing that i hate bout that place so far. i miss my practicum, my besties, lecturers, etc. heard that my pracm8s are all doing good right now. have quite a number of doctor, pharmacist, scientist, etc soon-to-be. so proud of you guys. make sure we meet some time yah! keep in touch always. don't want the friendship to end just like that. we will always be a big family. though it's only for a year that we know each other but it feels like we know each other for years. there's nothing that can buy the moment that i had with you guys all this time. you guys are always and forever in my heart.

p/s: thought of writing down the kmpp anthem but too bad i didn't remember a word from it. pardon me please. i'm not really a good citizen of kmpp. hahaha


Zuhairi Rahman said...

me also windu sume
luv H7P2

afifah.ahmad said...

happy birthday juee sabrina!! ^_^

Ch!@N said...

i oso ald 4gt about moto KMPP, hahaha!

Ch!@N said...
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