Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year

it's 2009 already. can't believe it seriously. i'm turning 21 this year. i'm getting older. huhuhu. when i'm in my teens, i used to think that age doesn't matter but as you grow up, it is such a big deal. i remember how people used to think i'm actually 21 while i am only 20 (this goes for you amal and aunty na). argh!! tension. you see?? it's only 1 year difference but it makes me go crazy. hahaha. so no more being immature eh? though i'm 20 but i feel like i'm still a kid. but studying in overseas makes you more independent because you have to do everything by your own. besides, the orientation in overseas is not the same as malaysia. i used to complain why malaysia is like this lah, like that lah but when you come to egypt, you'll fell that thank god i'm a malaysian. so no more complaints yah peeps! i hope, with this brand new year, i'll become more a good person. i wanna get rid of all those -ve attitude of mine. hope i'll get much much better result. that's all i want for this year. oh! not to forget, mama and papa will get more cash so that i can spend more. hahaha. just joking! i just want our family to be healthy, no more problems and for my siblings to have good results in their exams so that they'll be somebody in the future. insyaAllah. amin....

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nadyra aiza said...

ur parents get more cash so u can spend?? hahaha..

happy new year sab!!