Wednesday, February 4, 2009

off for holiday again

just got back from ras el baar n dumyat yesterday. overall it was a fun trip for all of us. it was surely an explorace for all the 11 of us (me, bobo, nani unnie, aten, ecah, jue, ha, anis, fara, bush and bush's sis). so we headed to mauaf talkha around 8.15 in he morning. waited the rest till 9.15. reached ras el baar aroun 11.30. ras el baar is a place where the river meets the sea. there are only 2@3 in the world if i'm not mistaken and here in egypt is 1 of it. so we left ras el baar after dhur. so we took a tremco to dumyat gadid with 2 pit-stops. finally reached the beach. so we walked along the shore to find the cockles but too bad we can't find 1. we saw abang dirasat got lots of them and they told us to go into the water and find them. i wanted to go in but we didn't bring any clothes but eventually bobo and aten did it. so they got 5 and the rest of the cockles we got it from abang dirasat. it was so damn cold at the moment. lucky we brought our coat. i don't really like the beach actually but i like the beach here in egypt so much. so we left dumyat and headed back to mansoura during maghrib and reached back home around isya'. i definitely wanted to go to dumyat again soon. the best place i've been to so far here in egypt. so tomorrow i'm going to cairo. yeay! just going to city star to buy some stuff but most probably find any interesting place to go to. hopefully it will be another fun trip for me


nadHiraH said...

amboi cik adik
cuti2 egypt nmpk

sabrina halim said...

ni tngh smngt ni. kuikui

fannie said...

gamba weh gambaa.. nk tgk damyat tuh...almaklumle xsmpt smpai sane lgi..haha

sabrina halim said...

k. nnt i ltak.sabr ye. ni net bengong je