Monday, February 2, 2009

trip to port said

so yesterday i slept quite late, around 6am. suddenly, bobo woke me up around 8.30

bobo: sab, bangun. nak p port said x?

me: sape lg p?

bobo: sume p

so the four of us fighting for the places to go inside the toilet. not fighting for the 1st place but instead fighting for the last place. so i got the 2nd place. soon after we got ready, we took a cab to talkha and from there we took a peugeot to go to port said. it's kinda brave of us for not to go without any guy friends' company because you know la how pak arab is right? so we got there, we went to the seafood store and ate as much as we could. port said is famous for its winter clothes because they are so cheap there. the reason we went to port said earlier was actually to eat but god knows how much we spent there. hahaha. we looked like mak2 just got back from langkawi. so after maghrib, we finished our shopping and headed back to mansoura. it was raining in mansoura and it was so damn cold that there's smoke coming from our breath. so we got back home around at 8 o'clock and we went straight to bed.

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