Saturday, February 14, 2009

it happened again..

can't believe the situation is getting out of control. hope that my family will be ok. to uncle mike, please stay put. we can't no longer handle you. it's just to much. what you did to mama, aunty na, uncle israrr, atok, nenek and now my sis? seriously.. it's too much. don't you ever hurt them or i'll never let go off you. this is my promise! haven't u had enough? what else do you want? we even support your janda and your kids and now your talking bad about my mum? always remember this - ALLAH MAHA ADIL. you're an aeducated person and yet you're becoming someone lower than that. and what you did to atok and nenek? seriously it's so low... to atok and nenek, may this be a lesson for both of you. to mama and adik, be strong! i'll always be there whenever you need me

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nadHiraH said...

uiks,wat did he do to ur sis??
tell me..
im so out of this story daa..
atuk da blik klang..
pg tdi..