Thursday, March 26, 2009

august palli come to me

now, the malaysians are busy promoting the ticket to go back to malaysia. as for me, i just booked 1 but never told my family yet but i did tell them that i'm coming back this year. konon xmo balik. blh caye ke sab oi! so i was talking on the phone with my dad

papito: kamu balik tak this year?

me: boleh ke? hehehe

papito: sukati kamula. brp bulan cuti?

me: 2 months

papito: lama tu. balik jela.. nak watpe dok lama2 kt egypt 2. xde benda pn

me: hehehe. ok

so the conclusion is, i'm coming back insyaAllah. kinda lazy but i was thinking bout my besties pu3 n my cousin. sure u guys terharu kan? hehehe. later when i come back then we go shopping for raya k guys! miss u guys so much


Aiza Aidid said...

yessss!!! hahaha
ok sab.. as promised..
kte g shpg nnt ;p

sabrina halim said...

haha. alright. btw, i dh dload inkheart. best la cte 2. hehehe. that girl s so pretty. mak dia 2 heroin eragon kn?

Aiza Aidid said...

ahaha.. i x tgk abes pon cte 2..
tp bes la kn..
owh yeke.. i x prasan plak..hihi