Tuesday, March 3, 2009

friday is the day...

so the sport's day is coming this friday. got 5 unis from all over egypt coming over to our place here. so i'm taking part in basketball. talk about basketball, what a day was yesterday. so we had our basketball practice. i've been riding the bicycle with nani unnie and bobo. the streets here in egypt i tell you is like the scariest place ever in the whole wide world. frankly speaking, it was my first time in my whole life to ride a bike on the street. it was just the park at my house before this. since i got the license, i completely forgotten about the bike. hahaha. so i'm gonna spill something here. i knocked this one car's side mirror and the lady was so shocked. i straight away cycled as far as i could because i'm so freaking scared at that moment. the ride was a pain in the ass for me. not was actually but is because i still can feel it now. after i got back home around 11pm sumthing, i went straight to the shower and had a fever. thanks to bobo for the massage now that i'm better. i don't get why people love massage so much. frankly speaking, it's totally not my cup of tea. like bobo said "sebab tu badan tu lembik je". hahaha. you're so true bobo

so back to the sport's day, at first kak t-rah asked me to become part of sudoku but somehow the net suddenly went out when i was ym-ing with her. no words from here up till now so i guess i'm not part of it. hahaha. so guess what our house decided to do? we're planning to sell food during that day. can't believe it huh? me too! so we're still planning on it right now. hopefully we'll gain lots of profit from it. wish me luck k! need it badly


nadHiraH said...

auwww sygg...gudluck..hehe..
i miss you so so much!!
come back faster!!

aiza aidid said...

la yeke??
u cycle je la ek x tgk2 da blkg kn..

sabrina halim said...

to nad: i will. hehehe

to put: jln dia smak gler put. xtau mcm mn nk ciluk. hahaha

fanramli said...



dgn sukacitanya, saya nak ckp,

kamu telah ditagged!!
oleh daku.

haha. mesti tensi.

sila lihat sidebar blog saya.
tag number II.


fannie said...

korg jual pee wehhh???jgn ckp korg gi jual cd2 burn cite korea... hahahah..
bpe profit dpt???

sabrina halim said...

nape xckp awl2 eh klu x blh jual cd burn cte korea. tp ktorg jual bwk beg abu samra 2 mmg mcm jual cd ctak rmpak la. hahaha.jual roti jala. kek batik n sirap limau ais. dpt 209le. modal x smpi 100le. so dptla dlm 100++le

Anonymous said...

sy dipkse beli 0leh kamu n kak nani!!ish...=b