Sunday, March 1, 2009

taggie time...

do you think you're hot
hell no! i'm fat, face like a moon, dark skin. what else?

upload a favourite picture of you

why do you like that picture?
because it has all my siblings in it

when was your last time ate pizza?
few days back. white chicken pizza. delivery from pizza party

the last song you listen to?
toni braxton - unbreak my heart

what are you doing right now besides this?
hearing aten-shi membebel regarding perubatan sports day this coming friday

what name would you prefer besides yours?
Nur Sabrina Binti Abdul Halim is just fine with me

people to tag
anyone can do this


aiza aidid said...

u dark ke??
mne ade la sab..
i nk wat la tag ni..hehe

sabrina halim said...

yela. mkn htam put. silala wat. jgn malu jgn segan

aiza aidid said...

kre i da lg pth la kn dr u sab??
nnt ade mse i wat la kn.. ;)