Thursday, March 26, 2009

huk huk

i had motivation lectures few days back. so abang azmi was talking about how to manage your time. as he told us to spend less time on the phone, my housemates are all pointing the fingers at me. i was like - selalu sangat ke ckp kt phone dgn family? hahaha. i think i just call them every alternate week. it's not too frequent for me but i guess it is for them as they call them seldomly. my mum loves to text me and as for me, my credit just burnt by texting her. just imagine 50 cents per message. so everytime she calls me nowadays, i just dialled her number and talk to her. cheaper... the next 1, abang azmi told us not to spend so much time on cooking and the award goes to bobo. i don't know why she takes such a long time to finish her cooking. it takes around 2-3 hours to complete them. usually it takes 1-1.30 hours for us to complete them. hahaha. the third one - spend less time on net. this goes for all of us. it's so true. this 1 needs a lot of guts. anyone can help me???

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