Friday, April 24, 2009

100th post - convo with my parents

1st convo
me: ma, can i or can't i buy the phone?

mama: i thought i told you to ask abah about it

me: alrighty then

2nd convo
me: bah. can i get the phone?

abah: sorry for the late reply. so tired. i still think that you should buy it in malaysia. easier and more choices

me: but it's cheper here. so damn expensive in malaysia. i want that phone badly

abah: later i'll survey it for you. bye

i was like what is going on here? totally not my mum and dad. usually they don't talk like that to me. so frustrated. especially my dad. he don't usually end the convo like that. trust me! you can see in my text i was hoping some kind of a response from my dad and all i got was a bye. and my mum... she replied my text after i asked her bout something else. argh!!! is my dad still mad at me because of the car thingy? i don't know what's gotten into them. hmm...


NaNi said...

cik sab ckp "i want that phone badly" mmg la ayah trus ckp bye. huhuhu!! if u give them what they want, sure they'll give u what u want in returns.

sabrina halim said...

mm... cdngn yg bgus