Wednesday, April 15, 2009

sanghae chukka

happy 23rd birthday to e. may all your wish come true and long live amin... sorry i wrote 22nd in the message because i add 2 years to my age at the moment ie 20. hahaha. after i text-ed him, i was expecting some kind of a reply but none. so suddenly aten buzzed me asking me to go watch HAPPY TOGETHER. so i went to her room and stayed there for like 1 hour++. i went back to my room then i found out i got a ym and a missed call from e. he was asking bout how i know the birthday then i replied - facebook. then he thanked me and we chat for a while. he told me that he called me before but no one picked up. so i told him i was in my friend's room and he told me not to save the number because it's an ammu's number. so i was like "la... nape nak call. wat susah2 je". he replied "bukan slalu org wish bday ni. xslah kn nk ucap trma ksih". "xpe2. small matter je. hehehe"


NaNi said...

sab!! how special epul in ur heart? im the one that u shud write an entry bout my beday.not

sabrina halim said...

unnie.. ala bucuk2. jgn la mjuk. nnt farid lari. hahaha. x special pn dia. kwn biasa je. trhru sbb dia kol kn. xsngka lgsg. p kdi ammu plak 2 nk kol. hahaha. nk tlis entry psl party akk tp pics xde lg. kna mntk jajana dlu. nnt sy tulis eh! hehehe