Saturday, May 1, 2010

saya bukan jiwang

the new schedule for exam is out but no news from the oral paper yet. i wonder are they gonna squeeze the date in between cause the dates of the exams are day after day. or is it gonna be around july?

i just watched the trailer for lagenda anak setan. frankly, i have no clue bout this movie but ulfah told me bout it. so i guess why not check out the trailer. looks cool though but i fall in love with the background song. serious mendayu-dayu. makes me cry babe!!! at first i thought it was acha but i'm not so sure when i here the chorus part. mengada la kan cerita melayu tapi suruh indon nyanyi.

i've been trying googling for the song but can't seem to find it. if anyone knows, do let me know k! i'm not so sure whether the song is being played by the radio cause the movie is due for screening somewhere around june or july if i'm not mistaken. btw, 1 last sheet paper tomorrow before my written. wish me luck people. buh bye

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