Saturday, May 8, 2010

malam menyulam kasih

supernatual is coming to an end. good! 1 less series to follow. hehehe. i do miss blogging. but i'm just too tired. not tired of doing something that i can be proud of but tired of doing nothing. i guess i'm just good with wasting my time. "sigh". yesterday, there was solat hajat at gmn centre. i went there a bit late cause i accompanied jaja to meet the dentist. we got there just right after the prayer end. we went back home earlier cause the thing was just too long and we live quite far from the rest plus no musyrif. it was a good night actually cause after nearly 2 years, i was able to meet my batch. miss them mucho. there was this slide thingy showing the first time that all of us got here. now i realize that all of us were so small compare to the recent figure. hahaha. happy i guess??? anyhow, double thumb-ups to those who worked really hard to make yesterday happened. i was really happy though we are not that close but still, we are family right? hopefully, more are yet to come insyaAllah. uh-oh and btw, no photos. forgot to take 1. huhu

p/s: u dah lupa kat i ke? T_T

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