Tuesday, May 11, 2010


the exam schedule is changed again for like i don't know 5th? 6th time? well, there's nothing much i can do. the last paper will be on 15th of july which is oral biochemistry. the result will be coming out arround end of july. so most prolly im going back by august. and guess what? it's all the same for all the universities in egypt - tanta, cairo, alex, ain shams, azhar. i guess the aeroplanes will be super duper pack with all malaysian students and not to mention whether will there be any seats available plus the sky-rocketing price for the ticket. sob sob. hopefully, i'll be getting the chance to go to bazaar ramadhan. it's been ages since i last been there. the last time i went there i was like 17? tsk tsk. to all my friends, gud luck with the papers. together we aim mumtaz for this imtihan insyaAllah. uh-oh and btw, the paper will be starting 2 days after my birthday. so no celebration i guess huh? hehehe.

well, the day before yesterday, i received a bad news. my landlord is raising the rent from 300le to 500le. giler x giler tu? very mean!!! i mean c'mon la. few days before exam and suddenly you're talking bout rent. right now, my head just feels so empty. i don't know what am i supposed to do. talked to mama bout it. she just said that "do you wanna stay or not? if you wanna stay then stay, if you don't then just move out. just do whatever is the best for you. i'll always pray for you". see, making decision is not that hard for me cause my parents has been making me do so since i was very young. so everything i do, they just agree with it and if they have some thoughts, for sure they'll say something. after taking other people's opinion, i've decided to move out. 500le is just not worth it for this kind of house. the landlord just provide me with bed and the rest are mine. i'll consider if he raises it to 400le or if it is 500le, everything is included plus i don't have to pay the bills. but i guess he's just very hard to deal with. hopefully i'll find a house and i can move out as soon as possible.

p/s: i really need some luck. lots and lots of unlucky situation lately. why is it? i guess my relationship with Allah is drifting away. i need to repent soon before it's too late


Akulah Budak itu said...

meh,jom landing umh umu...
umu kan ade..+_+v

Sabrina Halim said...

thanks ummu <3. if x jmp rmh after xm, i tmpang rmh u sat la kot. sian kt u. huhu. my mum sruh tngu hbs xm dlu bru pndah.