Sunday, May 16, 2010

officially missing you

i'm so lame cause i just listen to bunkface's situasi. keep on playing it on my playlist. khal told me bout this song before but just being a typical sister, i ignored everything that he said.

i'm a future samanoudy-ian. bye bye to all my lovely neighbours. i'm gonna miss you guys like crazy. after 2 years together, sure it's gonna be hard to be apart from you guys cause you guys are like my family here T_T. thanks for everything that you guys have done for me. hopefully we can stay this close forever. <3

right now, i still can't get through dino. he promised me to accompany me to metro to buy some groceries cause i'm going to cook dinner as requested by my neighbours. bangun la dino ui! dah tengahari ni. ponek eden tunggu

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