Monday, June 23, 2008

histology in history

alhamdulillah. finally the exam is over. not officially yet but my mind is at ease now. it has been a pretty tough almost 3 months for me waiting the exam to be over. if u have the exam everyday, it won't take that much of a time. the uni here will give some gap between subjects for you to study. it's hard because you are tired of waiting for the exam to be over but looking on the bright side, you can study in balance and it won't be likely for you to forget the facts. starting from mid april, we have practical exams for all the subjects except for anatomy. there's a day @ two gap between the subjects.

early may, we kicked off the exam with anatomy followed by biochemstry near the end of may. we had physiology n histology on june. today's the last paper. on 29 i'll be having english and computer on 2nd july. i'll be heading back to malaysia on 6 july. can't wait to go back. i'm so exhausted and really need some time to get away from here.

remember during the previous post that i wrote about finding new house? well, too bad i'm not moving out with my housemate except kak nani. looks like i'll be getting 2 new housemates and they are aten and bobo. we are not that close but i'm pretty sure we'll be good housemate 1 day insyaAllah. we are trying our best to fit in right now and i must say that they did a very good job at the moment. haha

did i make the right choice? honestly i don't know. i'm just hoping that i did. i guess there'll only be kak trah, zaty, cida and lani moving to the new beyt keberkatan. maybe xde rezeki for me to stay with them. hard to let them go but maybe it's for the best. like fakhry said, love is sometimes about letting go. people were surprised when i told them that i'm moving out with aten and bobo. i didn't expect this at all but hey! we'll never know right? the chemistry will come later but we are doing fine right now. just hoping for the best.

feeling sleepy right now. gossip girl needs some rest. ciao. -xoxo-

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