Monday, June 16, 2008

there goes physiology, here comes histology

yay!!!! physio is over. wat a relieve. finally the last paper on the list. not last actually since there are english and computer but it's the last main paper. honestly, i don't feel like happy though the exam is really over. i think you all can guess what actually happened from my previous post. don't fell like talking about it again. this is what i actually want to talk about. yesterday we had a blast. had a birthday party on the rooftop and it was so much fun. 3 persons' birthday at the same time. save budget. hahaha. it's been a while since i attend any party.

after isya' my friends and i went to baron to get the cake. it's a chocolate with nuts for the price of 60 l.e. cheap huh? hihihi. the most important thing is that it was delicious. then we went to pizza party to get 2 large hawaiian pizzas which was delicious. when we got home, they all made preparations for the party. the ballons, party hat etc. i didn't help that much. was too tired of waiting for the pizzas before that. just 2 large pizzas but it took like forever waiting for them. b6 bought 3 large pizzas from pizza king. delicious but i prefer pizza party.

around 11, we went up to the rooftop and the party started. wani and jijie found out about the party before so it wasn't so much of a surprise for them. nad was really surprised. she was like mamai because she was asleep. she looked so blur and we just keep on singing and popping and spraying the party stuff. everyone put their party hat on and it looked so cute. like kanak-kanak ribena. hihihi.

they said there'll be games but maybe there's no time to plan for it but instead guess what we had? karaoke. aten just bought the amplifier and mic. thanks to her we had so much fun. i kept on singing from 12am till 3 am non stop. me, aten, ummu and nas were all conquering the mic. giler kuasa wit the mic. hahaha. they all just keep on listening to us singing. around 1 am, all the guests left and there were only me, aten, ummu and nas. so what else? quartet in action la... we sang lots and lots of song, we danced, we jumped. btw. bobo joined us during the last minute (i edit this post because she's been asking me how come i missed out her name. sory dude! haha) so.......... much fun. love the party so much. hope there'll be another party soon. before we leave egypt for malaysia, the toiron people said they'll make a farewell part for us. can't wait for it though

as for the photos, i'll post it soon yah! didn't bring my camera along. have to grab it from someone. the cake was so cute. can't wait to show it. i love the candles. it has sparkles on it. wait for the updates yah! hihihi

birtday girls: wani(19), nad(20), kak jijie(21)
menu : pizzas, chips, float, cake, sodas
guest : we just grab anyone to the party but mostly block b residence

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fatin said...

bobo tny mana dia pnyer nama??
dia pon join apa nyanyi lagu ingkar