Wednesday, June 25, 2008

new house

music: a gritos de esperanza by alex ubago
series: gol & gincu
movies: devil wears prada (i know. lame. can't help it dude. there's no cinema here. haha)

yay! im done moving my stuff to the new house. it's like a temporary house for us because our house is still under construction. insyaAllah by october it will be ready for us to live in. the temporary house is so small for 4 us. there are only 2 rooms. we all sleep in one room and the other room will be the place where we keep our stuff like clothes, books, etc. but for 500 l.e, it's definitely worth it. the new house costs 1000 l.e but it's quite huge. each 1 of us will be having our own room.

yesteray around 10pm, we all started to bring down the boxes. just the light one. we called burn and the geng for help but suddenly our mushrif also came up to help us out. quite number of guys were present. later we waited for the truck for nearly an hour. at first we thought of moving there by using himar. but somehow we couldn't find 1. the 1 that we found asked for 150 l.e. too expensive! kak sya got it for the price of 10l.e only. nampak sangat menipu. so we seeked help from burn and he managed to find a truck with muaz an it costs 25 l.e.

while waiting for the truck, we all chit chat with burn n the geng. they told us la "aku pun tak faham macam mana la korang boleh terfikir nak guna himar. mana ada orang pindah guna himar. orang pindah guna truck la". so we all said "manala ktorg tau coz kak sya pindah guna himar so kitorang pun ikut jela". then we all strated to laugh. later the truck arrived. suddenly alip and the geng passed by. so they all help us to load the stuff onto the truck. i said hi to him an he said "hi sab. banyak orang tolong angkat barang ni". then i said "tula. berbesar hati sngt"

kak nani and bobo hopped into the passenger seats. the guys were all standing behind the truck. me, ecah, aten and aniq walked. so we chit-chat about going back to malaysia etc while we were walking. as we arrived, the guys were unloading all the stuff from the truck. aniq was like "nape x bukak pintu rumah". i was like "dah bukak dah. kena belok tepi and then naik tangga". he was like so concern about everything. he thought we're going to sleep in the new house but i told him that we're going to clean up the house first then only we'll be heading back. he was like "sape musyrif korang. macam mana korang nak balik". so i just keep quiet and keep on walking. don't know what to say and don't know how to lie. hahaha

after the guys finished moving the stuff to our house, they all went back and we started to move the furniture and clean up the house a bit. we went back home nearly 1 am and went to bed the time we got into the house. i woke up quite early this morning. around 8 am. suddenly i received a message from my mum

mama: sab, atok went into the hospital. heart attack but still can speak. doakan dia k!

me: how come? i thought he never have 1. only drah tnggi right?

mama: tula.. baru tau. he keep on feeling pain on the chest. im at the hosp right now settlekan evrything. later klu ad pape mama bgtau k!

me: k ma. thanks a lot. btw, which hosp is atok at?

mama: atok is at pantai. 1 more thing. atok wah masuk hosp again. she's at tawakal. sakit yg dia slalu kena

me: wat? atok wah also? mm...

mama: don't wry so mch. jst pray for them. insyaAllah nothing la

me: ok. u still rmember i'm coming back on 6 july ryte?

mama: yep but myb i can't come and fetch you. super bz. i'll ask abah to take half day

me: ok then. can't wait 2 c u guys

mama: me 2. c u soon. cont later k. have to go now. bye

i love atok so much. can't imagine not having him around me. please help him god. i'm not ready for him to leave me. he's been taking care for me since i was a baby. when i was in kindergarden, he used to send me there. and sometimes she will pick me up from school if i have any extra-curricular activities. he's only 62.

as for atok wah, she has been sick for quite some time. she lost a bit of her memory. sometimes she just couldn't remember us. quite sad. she's been taking care of me since i was in standard 1. my parents will send me to her house after subuh and they will come and fetch me at night. when i was in form 1, i stayed by myself at my house because my parents made a house nearby atok wah's place so that we can always come and visit her. but now she's been staying with me because her house is under construction. hope she'll be fine soon.

p/s: to all the readers, do pray for my grandparents' health yah! do appreciate it much.


silence said...

just doakan hima nd insyaAllah semua akan jadi ok. i hope u happy with ur new house. im goin back also in august lar tp. hehe. c u k?

ningurlz said...

kak sab,
where is ur new home??
when u'll fly back to malaysia?
we're having very hard times in finding our new house..
at last, we got one from the PCM..
but, it really far from gamaah..phew~
20 minutes walking..