Saturday, August 1, 2009

text to and from mama

1am, egypt time

me: ma, can u bank in the money for this month and half next month

mama: sure, how much?

me: as usual

mama: ok

me: thanks ma

1.30am, egypt time

mama: i just banked in rm****

me: wa... so fast? i just text-ed u like half an hour ago. nape bg xtra? tot i just said rm****

mama: kbtulan lalu bank. so just banked in la. yela, mama ni kan cntik n pemurah. hehehe. doa mama, abah, adik2 murah rezeki kt bumi barakah tu. take care ye!

me: yes u r pemurah n hot. hahaha. insyaAllah. amin.... salam 2 all

that's why i love texting with my family except for Lee la. if i text her, for sure she won't reply it unless it's about the thing that she wants. apa punya adikla kamu ni


nadHiraH said...

hahaha cian u sab.. hee
dun wory,i akn rep ur text :)

Sabrina Halim said...

yeke? msa tu i msg bout ur hp x reply pun?