Friday, August 28, 2009

iftor at slamlek

the iftor was good. there were only 6 of us. not the fantastic 9 as usual. i ate chicken slamlek. i even brought my cam but very the lazy to take pic. we arrived there around 6pm and iftor at 6.25pm. luckily, we managed to eat the food on time. that's why i love slamlek. hehehe. i had chicken soup as appetizer but no dessert cause im so full. there's even leftovers from my food. enough for sahur.

to lyana - my future cousin-in-law insyaAllah, happy advanced birthday babe! though we haven't met each other, hopefully we will someday. haziq came all the way from Penang to Shah Alam to meet her which by the way is so romantic ok! can't believe my cousin is that romantic. knowing him, he has such a blah personality. hahaha. joking!!! hopefully you guys sampai ke jinjang pelamin though langkah bendul. ameen...

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