Thursday, August 13, 2009

Raihana n Sabrina

i was browsing my facebook this morning. then i found my kindergarten friend through my mutual friend. i add-ed her and this morning we were chatting like crazy. it's been 15 years since we last met. the last one when i was 6. i was close to her cause her dad sometimes sent me back home and her mother loved to give tit bits to me. me likey! there was this moment when i actually wrote my name using magic pen on her uniform. the teacher spotted me and we were being punished by standing in front of the class till the class was over. since then, i couldn't dare to meet her parents cause i'm afraid that they might scold me but turned out i was wrong. sorry uncle, aunty!!! so i asked her about updates etc and she knew that i'm in egypt furthering my study through my dad. i'm so happy that she actually calls me her besties. hahaha. just imagine la, at 5, do you expect to have any best friend. obviously no right? i was in chinese school kindergarten before therefore there were only a few malays. we used to be in the same dance group during the annual concert. can't forget how thick the make-up used to be considering you're just 5. the concert was so much fun. even my grandparents and my late great grand mother was there. i was the representative for the malay speech. i must say that i was quite famous when i was in kindergarten. hahaha. btw, not to forget, she's actually dating someone who's 10 years older than her. how cool is that? and guess what? she may be getting married soon. glad to hear that your parents gave you the green light. she already has a job though she hasn't graduate and she's buying a honda city using her own money soon. isn't her life is way perfect???

p/s: to put, u still my no. 1 k!

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