Thursday, August 20, 2009


have you guys ever heard bout cakra alam? i'm sure most of you did cause the place is quite famous to heal people that can't be healed by the doctors. i know! i'm a doctor-to-be yet i still believe in this stuff. like nenek said "aik! dr. pun prcya ke kt bnd2 ni. hahaha". it turned out that all this while, it was all tricks but not "tenaga batin" as claimed by the fella at cakra alam. surprisingly, koreans discover this with the help of an american magician. this afternoon, i received a ym from zura

zura: sab, u know how to post video from utube to ur blog?

me: just go right to the video n copy from the embed there. then just paste it to ur post. done!

zura: html kt atas tu ke?

me: no. embed on ur right

zura: owh. ok. just realize it was there. hahaha

me: u mmg. nmpk sngt x surf net sngt

zura: btw, watch this video while i post this to my blog

me: no way! cakra alam is a scam? damn those people

zura: i know! tula kan. sian those yg dtg jauh2 nk b'ubat

me: know wat? my nenek spent thousands nk smbuhkan uncle i. ptt dia still !@#$%^&

zura: tula... mkn duit haram. x berkat hidup diorg tu

me: tula. nenek n uncle i slalu ulang-alik g sna. i'll go n text my mum bout this

zura: ok

i text-ed my mum straight after that

me: ma, guess what? cakra alam tu penipu. it was all tricks all this while

mama: thought so. biarla diorg mkn duit hram. x berkat hdup

me: tula. go n tell nenek bout this. dok prcya lg bnd2 mcm ni. ptt la uncle still mcm tu lg. hahaha

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