Tuesday, March 2, 2010

tired of anything

i went to etisalat to pay for my bill on 28th cause earlier when i 1st pay for the etisalat broadband, that lady told me to pay the bill by the end of february. when i'm at the counter and about to pay, the man check my account and said "your bill is not out yet. come on 2nd of march"

i went there again today and he said "your bill is not out yet. come on 4th of mac"

again? damn!!! luckily that guy is cute and friendly unlike typical egyptian. if not, you'll see lots of curses here. haha

this morning went to physio extra class. ummu told me to come but she didn't come. zura told me to wait for her but eventually she didn't come too. after class, went to see mr. ibrahim to get my izin dafa' to pay for my fees but i didn't manage to pay btw cause the office is closed at 2pm. what the heck? memang pemalas!!! sorry to say but it's the truth

went to metro cause ummu wanted to withdraw some money but she didn't bring the card so we just shopped at metro. i didn't buy a thing cause i just did yesterday after my anat lab. then went back home by cab and that ammu stop very far away from my home.. again damn!!! not really a pleasant day yet i am thankful cause ummu was there to cheer me up. thanks ummu!!!

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