Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i'm taking back what i said before that "single is better" cause "two is better than 1". at least that's what boys like girls and taylor swift said. and this one "ustaz" said manusia diciptakan untuk berpasangan. kita sahaja yang perlu mencarinya. ye siapa makan cili silala rasa pedasnya. we are finally a step ahead. next one - are you the one for me and am i the one for you? let's go figure

still waiting for duah to come back home along with the matches and indomee. i'm hungry and i can't cook plus i'm not in the mood to go out. still thinking whether to roger dino @ not and ask him to go out with me. tons to study yet i'm still here blogging. bila mahu insaf?

saw uncle mike online but he didn't buzz me. are you ok? just hang on uncle mike. no matter what happens, you still have mama, aunty na, aunty fina, atok and nenek. not to forget us, your nieces, nephews and kids. we all love you. you're part of the family. remember that. to aunty nana, congrats on your wedding. and good luck with your business too. though we are no longer a family, i'll always remember you as my aunty that always drive me to whenever i wanna go when no one can send me. i love you aunty nana

i heart all of you


Safatul Iman said...

sabbbbbbb...nape???r u ok??
if anything nak gtau "luahkan perasaan" ke gtau je la..
insyaAllah,i'll be a good listener..
huhuhu..jgn sedey2..
senyum selalu,k..~_^v

Sabrina Halim said...

hehe. ok jela ummu. no worries. thanks btw. =p

NaNi said...

wahhh gamba. kenangan! rindu!
i told u! single is lonely. jom kawen! hahaha.

Sabrina Halim said...

ad org msuk meminang blh la knani
tula,,, rndu kan tngk gmbr tu
come je sume
muka knak2 riang lg
skrg da mature

fatin suhaimi said...

huhuhuhu,,dah pandai nani nak kawen2 skang,,,hahahaha,,,jgn cepat2 sgt kawen nnt aku je tggl single n masih mencari,,,hahahah ;p