Saturday, March 20, 2010

every part of me

halloo halloo halloo

guess now i can't update my blog everyday. super busy. presentations, logbook, practical book. aigoo. damn! i forgot to read for anat tomorrow. ok2! gotta make this A.S.A.P. for sure i'll be updating my blog once in a while but not as frequent as i did before. finals just around the corner. welcome april, may and june - the months of exams. 3 months dude! giler la kan? be positive sabrina. don't worry my loyal readers. hold on a sec! ada ke loyal readers? tepuk dada tanya selera (karam singh walia mode). i won't leave the world of blogging cause i love blogging. like really really love that the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning is to check my blog for any updates. just hold on sab. only for 3 moths and you'll be free. 3 months = 91 days. wow! that's a long one. hang in there. sure you can. you're a smart and cute girl (perasan mode for a while. ye sila la muntah ok!). sure you can do it. after that you can marathon all the movies and series. and you're going back to malaysia after you get your result of course to meet all your love ones. weeee,,, can't wait for it. amin,,,

punk versus afro. which 1 is cooler?


CICIPUNG said...

bace post nie pn terase kerushingan sang penulisnya.
chaiyok cik chab!!
pon pon.

Sabrina Halim said...

really paah?
pdan muka i kan
sape sruh stdy lst mnute
thanks paah
sme goes 2 u