Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i'm a loner

loner ke sab? you gotta be kidding me! you have friends and family around you. what else do you wish for? not the loner me actually but just a song that i'm addicted to. hehehe

went out with dino last night. finally kan dino? after few days not seeing him. i bought myself a cute blue pouch. for raya maybe. crap! shopped for raya already? if i'm not using the bag then i'll be using it for raya. this year's color - turqoise. herm,,, finally a change. usually purple all the way. boring ok! what to do. just bear with it. can't complain much

finally i managed to pay my bill. what a relieved. had ice cream and grabbed a bite from brema. i'm getting fatter ok! i mean seriously. padan muka! eat eat eat all the time. let's go healthy people. gotta get slim and slender before i go back to malaysia. T_T

final is on the way people and i'm super duper scared. ayuh berlari berkejaran ke arah mumtaz. study is fun! i love studying! (lots of sighing while trying to write about study. heh!)

once upon a time during my choir practice. kekeke

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