Friday, March 5, 2010

in my head

oho! planning on updating my blog everyday but no one cares anyway. like sape je yang read my blog kan? haha. so i'll just update it whenever i feel like. class from 8-5. lots of revisions and works. so much to do so little time. anyone can help me? T_T

i haven't completed my log book, i haven't finished drawing my slides and i have biochem presentation soon. die3x. haiya!!! paiseh la. ummu said cannot say die3 cause later you're going to die. ok2. i'm officially taking it back

finally i've paid the fees. went to suez canal bank but they don't accept cash in genih. gedik ok! ap punya bank macam tu? so i went to all the banks available at muhafzah and finally alhamdulillah i managed to change it to GBP at united bank (serious layanan memang tip top. double thumbs up!). then went back to suez canal and paid the fees at the pak cik (ok, not pak cik la but abang. abang? euw!!!) yang sengal lagi poyo. arrived at gamaah around 1pm just in time for my physio and anat class. i skipped biochem and histo. tsk tsk. wanted to copy the resit before we enter the lecture hall but the machine broke down.

ummu : sab, nape la time u nak bayar fees macam2 betol dugaanye.
me: kan3? mana la i x tension

what a tiring day but like ummu said "walau macamana teruk pun hari kita, tapi bila da selesai sume alhamdulillah". nice tip there bebeh! ok2! now i'm sounding like my daddy who keeps on saying bebeh whenever he texts me

me: yoohoo abah yg hndsome. wat u doin? do buy me a car so that i can jln2 in msia yah!
daddy: will discuss together when u get back here. bye n luv u bebeh

i'm not excited at all cause he's been saying that since i 1st got here. habuk pun tarak. haha. i was just bored and suddenly felt like ubah angin. always text with my mum and now it's my dad's turn.

btw, i went out with dino last night to brema burger. bila gebuz jumpa propa, gossip time. haha. kiding!!! discuss bout our studies (kononnye!!!) then we walked along nil while eating ice cream. on the way back home, i stepped on a nail and it went thorugh my slipper and a bit through my sole but don't worry. just a minor injury. dino straight away picked up my slipper and took out the nail for me. auw! propa memang gentleman. haha. he felt so guilty asking me out late at night. soccay dino, i need fresh air too setelah bergaduh dengan you-know-who.

money all gone after i paid my fees. ish3. excuse my attire and face


CICIPUNG said...

hello bebeh!!
sihat tak?
hik hik hik

Sabrina Halim said...

gedik la paah
sihat ajo
mkn gemok ni

CICIPUNG said...

same la kite.
lemak semakin sihat setiap hari.

Sabrina Halim said...

nak gain lemak mmg senang wooo. nk mmbuang pyah sprt mmbuang snetal pd pngan mngkuk periuk belnga. haha