Tuesday, June 30, 2009

29.06.09 - happy 49th birthday daddy

i'm so happy today. the exam is finally over. after 3 months waiting. thank god! and uh-oh, not to forget, happy 49th birthday to my beloved daddy. Sabrina will always love you dad. moga pnjg umur murah reeki and don't forget to add more on my allowance. hehehe. after we finished our oral exam, we headed to the bank cause Kak Nani wanted to withdraw the money for the flight. then we headed to Hegaz where we had our lunch and guess what? it's a treat from Din. thanks Din! so after i reached home, i straight away went to my bed and watch dreamgirls. i know! so lame kan? after 3 years baru nak tngk. hahaha. can't wait for my peeps to finish their exam so that we can go to Cairo A.S.A.P

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