Sunday, June 7, 2009

hungry but full

yesterday, i didn't eat a single thing till 9.30pm at nusan were i had nasi mutiara. the rice is so dry that i couldn't swallow the food. what a waste. there goes my money. if mama tau habis kena bebel. this morning too i don't have the appetite to eat. i just cooked maggie but i can't swallow it. what's happening to me?

my handphone went dead for a week so i didn't text my mum at all. i usually text her everyday. yesterday around asar i received an offline message from nadhirah.

Nadhirah Abd Karim: hey
Nadhirah Abd Karim: if u on9 tell me k
Nadhirah Abd Karim: ur mom cnt contct u
Nadhirah Abd Karim: shes been worried sick
Nadhirah Abd Karim: so do text me thru fon k
Nadhirah Abd Karim: ur mom email u un x jwb
Nadhirah Abd Karim: its been a week sab
Nadhirah Abd Karim: just wana make sure ur o
Nadhirah Abd Karim: ok*

i was like mama bagi email? x dapat pun. since when plak mama bg email? so i was looking for my malaysian friend. then i saw ramesh's name. a friend of mine from usm. so i text-ed her

sabrina_halim88: u...
sabrina_halim88: nk mntk tlg blh?
nur ramizah: YUP
nur ramizah: sorry
sabrina_halim88: huhuhu
nur ramizah: td ade org mai booth
nur ramizah: nape?
sabrina_halim: its kQ
nur ramizah: nak mintak tlg per?
sabrina_halim: sory kcu
nur ramizah: takpe2
nur ramizah: hehe
sabrina_halim88: text kn my mum
nur ramizah: no worries dear
sabrina_halim88: 0123199764
sabrina_halim88: kata kt dia i ok
sabrina_halim8: my battery is dead
sabrina_halim88: charger xde
sabrina_halim88: nak kol asyik xdpt
nur ramizah: alrite
sabrina_halim88: u kata la u kwn i from usm
sabrina_halim88: i contact u through internet
sabrina_halim88: klu ckp ym dia x fham la plak
sabrina_halim88: sory sshkn u k!
nur ramizah: soccay
sabrina_halim: later pape u just tell me
nur ramizah: okayhh
nur ramizah: alrite
sabrina_halim88: thank u so much
sabrina_halim88: luv u
nur ramizah: luv u
nur ramizah: i da sent
sabrina_halim88: ok
sabrina_halim88: dia ada blas?
nur ramizah: not yet
nur ramizah: huhu
sabrina_halim88: ooo...
sabrina_halim88: ok
sabrina_halim88: sory sngt sshkn u
sabrina_halim88: i bru pndh rmh
nur ramizah: takpe la
sabrina_halim88: net x stabil lg
nur ramizah : not a big deal la babe
sabrina_halim88 : ssh nk contact dia
nur ramizah: ouh
nur ramizah: i now ni kat megamall kuantan
sabrina_halim: la..
sabrina_halim88: yeke
nur ramizah: ad prmotion for e-government
sabrina_halim88: watpe?
nur ramizah: i bertugas
sabrina_halim88: u under ur company la eh?
sabrina_halim88: how's it so far?
nur ramizah: just jage booth
sabrina_halim88: oo...
sabrina_halim88: hows ur job so far?
nur ramizah: okay la
nur ramizah: huhu
nur ramizah: jap
nur ramizah: ur mom da reply
nur ramizah: she said
nur ramizah: wslm..syukur dpt berita thru is her brother bday
nur ramizah: i'm so worried
nur ramizah: anyway kirim salam
nur ramizah: tell her
nur ramizah: to get a new battery
nur ramizah: or giee news thru nad
sabrina_halim88: hahaha
sabrina_halim88: my mum 2 mmg
sabrina_halim88: dia cuak cket
sabrina_halim88: klu blh sruh i text dia every day je
sabrina_halim88: hahaha
sabrina_halim88: thank u so much ramesh
sabrina_halim88: u saved my life
sabrina_halim88: hahaha
sabrina_halim88: dh 1 week i x xcntct dia
sabrina_halim88: dh x tentu hala dh dia
sabrina_halim88: hahaha
nur ramizah: hehe
nur ramizah: no hal la babe
nur ramizah: heheh
nur ramizah: k la
nur ramizah: i nak wrap up da ni
nur ramizah: heheeh
sabrina_halim88: ok2
sabrina_halim88: thanks again dear
nur ramizah: catch yoy later babe
nur ramizah: hehe
nur ramizah: bye2
sabrina_halim88: alright
sabrina_halim88: tc
nur ramizah: u too
nur ramizah: anything nak i reply to ur mom
sabrina_halim88: xpyh kot
sabrina_halim88: ckup la just that dia dh lega
sabrina_halim88: thanks btw
nur ramizah: okayh
nur ramizah: u r most welcomre
nur ramizah: welcome
nur ramizah: alrite then
nur ramizah: daa~
sabrina_halim88: daa

then later i ym-ed with nad through haziq. dapat lagi kena bebel from nad. hahaha. totally a hari-kena-marah day for me. one more from the landlord coz we didn't switch off the motor. it's not my fault though.

my mum sure worried sick about me. if i go back home late sure she'll be texting me every 30 minutes. chill k ma! sorry to make you feel like this. don't worry. i didn't forget khal's birthday. as soon as the net is stable, i'll straight away call you yah!

p/s: to dino, this is the ramesh i've been talking bout. haha

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