Tuesday, June 30, 2009

just another day

can i just get good news after this? no more sad and pathetic news please!!! Ya Allah... let me be happy. no more worries. Amin...

so i text-ed my dad during his birthday. 12 am Malaysia time. i waited for the whole day for him to reply but none. so i text-ed mama

me: ma, abah x dpt ke text that i gave him wishing him happy birthday

mama: dunno. wait i'll go ask him

mama: he told me he replied ur msg early in the morning

me: ooo... ok

so last night we went to nusan to have our dinner. finally i got to eat balado. after that we sent Kak Nani back home. Aten and I went to Joe to buy handbag and guess what? i got a new handbag. yay me!!! thanks to Aten cause it's a birthday present from her. happy3

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