Sunday, June 28, 2009

one big happy family

so me and my housemates went out to have our dinner at giardino cafe. not that i'm lazy to cook or what but there's nothing to cook because we ran out of groceries. din asked kak nani to bring along the dvd that she forgot to give it to him which by the way, the night before he came to my house and copied all the korean series that i have and took some of kak nani's dvd. sanggup tu... so we met him there. thought he's going back after but he ended up having drinks with us. then the 4 us went to metro together like a big happy family. i'm not trying to brag or what so ever but din actually said "wa.. bestnye kluar dgn korg". baru tau eh kluar dgn ktorg mmg best. hehehe. i'm the youngest one (second youngest la actually. hahaha) with big bro and big sis. so we shop till not so drop la kan (no money. how pathetic is that? it's sad being poor literally) when suddenly we met dino and nash. so we chat a little and we headed back home

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