Wednesday, January 6, 2010

what a girl wants

mama: i just banked in rm***** 4 ur fees

me: wa... a lot? got few rm*** xtra. nvm. i'll just use it as next month's allowance

mama: is it? just use it for your vacation. buy something that u like

me: hehe. thanks ma! card da byr? already told abah to use it to book d hotel

mama: still waiting 4 d cnfrmation

me: hehe. ok thnks to mama n abah

how fortunate i am to be me. it's not like i get everything that i want but most of it. but still, i didn't prove to them that i'm worth what they are spending on *hugh sigh*. sabrina, new year, new resolution. i'm gonna kick my ass off this year. jia you. ni yi ting ke yi de. how i miss shopping in malaysia. the year end sale and everything. the clothes, bags etc costs you a fortune here. they only have sale like once a year maybe? just some lousy chokia brand from china. pathetic! i need new clothes, shoes and bags

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