Sunday, January 3, 2010

just another day

hello world...

these few days have been quite sucks for me. on thursday, i wanted to draw some money for the tix so i went to agricole bank - denied. then moved on to barclays - denied. lastly i went to CIB bank and guess what happened? my card was swallowed by the atm machine. tsk tsk. how i felt like crying a river at that moment. so i went to the officer in the bank and he told me to come to the bank today to take the card back. hopefully it'll turn out ok. here in egypt, you can't expect everything to be ok all the time, with the attitudes etc, really annoying. xtau ckp english ckp la then i ckp arab you moron!!! xyah brlgak bgus as if you're so much better than malaysia. malaysia fine la right but japan? get a life you egyptians!!!

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