Wednesday, January 6, 2010

never knew when i was needed

do you guys wanna see how egyptian is? watch phobia 2 and see the zombie part. when the japanese people hitchiking, they offered money. the driver wanted double cause there were 2 people. the way he talked i tell you seriously like egyptian. when zura and i were watching, it was a jinx when both of us went "macam arab". then we laughed

few days back then, ummu started attending classes. class starts at 8 in the morning and ends at 5 at night. yes it's already night when it's 5 o'clock. usually i walk all by myself to and from class. if ummu attends the class then she'll walk back with me. this one day we stopped at the juice stall to buy cocktail. then there were these 2 egyptians buying boreo (chocolate ice cream + borea - an oreo like biscuit). it was so tempting so we decided to buy that. it tastes like heaven yum yum. after that we walked back and ummu said "mmm... sdapnya ice cream ni. syok dok egypt. sab kwn dgn ummu kena ska egypt". i was like "err... ssh cket tu ummu. hahaha"

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