Sunday, January 3, 2010

malaysia versus egypt

roah: why the mug here is very expensive? in saudi it costs nothing

me: right? in malaysia too

roah: yeah i know. my brother is in malaysia. i love malaysia

me: oh really? then you should come by to malaysia sometime

roah: yes i will!

even saudi people say that Malaysia is way better than egypt. so egyptians... stop being so perasan ok!

on monday i woke up early in the morning to hang my clothes. with no shower or anything, i just went straight to the balcony and start my routine. roah entered the room and said

roah: you look pretty

me: what? no way! i just woke up. no shower no anything

roah: but you look pretty

me: thank you. that's the sweetest thing people ever said to me. i'm flattered

roah is such a sweet girl. haha. she definitely knows how to make you feel good when you're having a bad time. sad if i have to leave her. huhu. and btw, i just got my bank card and already drew some cash from it. so the ticket is settled. next - exam

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