Wednesday, January 20, 2010

revenge is sweeter

the net ya ampun, damn freaking slow that i can't even enter my ym. haha. ok! 1st thing je mention bout net. that's one of the main reason i didn't update my blog for such a long time. so what to talk ey? herm, first thing, my dad's colleague add me on facebook. should i accept it @ not? if i accept it, she'll know all the secrets and life that i share with my friends on facebook. i don't mind if my dad knows it cause he knows who i am but it sure will be weird if his friends know bout it. nak mengada@menggedik pun sure have to control. so what to do readers?

last night, duah came to my room. she asked me to teach her english. talking to her is like ayam and itik cause she's poor in english and my arabic sucks! i mean really. i am definitely for sure gonna fail if i take the paper. haha. she's inviting me to her hometown and most prolly im going there after my mid term

me: how long is it from here to ur place?

duah: half an hour

me: how r we going there? by bus?

duah: no, for u i'll call a cab n take u around my village

me: that's so sweet. u shouldn't have. i don mind going there by bus

duah: it's ok! no problem. my relatives can't wait to c u

me: me 2. hehe

and guess what? ruah the translator left me and duah talking like ayam n itik cause she's so tired. she said "if u want me to translate anything, come to my rum and i'll translate it for u". ruah kejam! haha

earlier i mentioned bout the surprise party and it's actually al's surprise birthday party. i bought pizza from pizza party and i waited for nearly an hour. serious lembab gler! no more pizza party after this. on my way to wait for a cab to go their place, there's an egyptian woo-ing me. damn you! after this 1 incident that i had last year, i felt so phobia. so i ran as fast as i could to a public place. alhamdulillah i got a cab right after i got there. the cab driver was so sweet that i felt like talking to my own grandpa.

al was already asleep at that moment. nice! so we quickly goreng2 the koki and prepare the table. around 12 sumthing, we woke her up and she was like mamai2 "eh! sab. bl u dtg sni?". so we ate and talked till subuh. seriously so full i tell you! basically the party went well and we had lots of fun! next- paah's. how is it gonna be? kenduri doa selamat kan paah? hehe


CICIPUNG said...

ok.kenduri 3 hari 2 malam taw.
pulut kuning dan ayam golek jgn lupe ye.
kite sambung qiam skali ye.
u jadi imam taw.


Sabrina Halim said...

ya iya bisa aja. hehe

jaja said...

euwww.. ape goreng cocky ni? euwwww sab euwwww.. haha.

Sabrina Halim said...

oops! trslah plak. koki. haha