Monday, January 11, 2010

can you feel my heartbeat?

my current favourite - kerabu at GMN. serious best giler!!! haha. i did't cook for few days cause i feel very tired after i got back from class. class 8-5. sape tahan. straight babe! after the histo presentation i went to draw some money for my fees, which by the way the presentation turned out really really well (even the dr. wanted to record our presentation and took our photo. :P). i walked with my i don't know how many inches wedges but i look high though. everyone noticed and they were like" nape u nmpk tngi?". most prolly they x budget la cause i never wear it to class before. i'm definitely the sneakers type. haha. then they said "ni klu tb2 tngi ni kena tngk bwh ni. haha". after i got back from bank, i saw ezah and she's going to GMN. so i ordered kerabu cause earlier anis said it was really superb. it's worth a shot aite? so i had kerabu for my dinner. later at night i'm going to paah's for some surprise. whom it may concern, be prepared with my surprise.

yesterday, duah told me to talk to her father in Saudi cause i think she heard that i talked to ruah's mother earlier. so i said yes. so i talked to his father and conveyed my condolonces cause his brother just passed away. so i asked him what he died of and he told me bronchial asthma. he asked me what is it and i told him from A-Z. duah n ruah were like cheering for me. "you really explain it like a doctor. haha"

after class, i ym-ed with A. she asked me bout F

A: xde ym F ke?

me: xde. he's so passive. diam jer. xtau nk ckp ap. so mls la

A: dia mmg mcm tu

me: ssh la if sab sorg je mnt dia

A: really minat ke? kt blh arrange kan

me: haha. xmo la. bkn mnat mcmn pun. saje2 je

A: actually kan, dia tau sab mnt dia

me: shit! serious ke? mcmn?

A: msa tu tny dia n dia da blh agak

i think if i like someone, it's so obvious i guess. have to slow down next time. very embarrassing ok! i don't mind if he knows that i like him but not knowing that he knows that i like him without me knowing is way embarassing.


fatin suhaimi said...

wedges mana tuh yg paki smpai nmpk tggi sgt???huhuhu,,,,neway, mr.f dah tau ker???wow!!!!

Sabrina Halim said...

wedges aten yg tngi gler tu. col pink tapak putih. dia da tau. scary kan? haha. ala.. dia tau pun bknnye de pape perubhan pun. huhu

CICIPUNG said...

sape mr f. nie.
tak khabagh pun.

Sabrina Halim said...

haha. malu i nk habaq kt u. nnt la i story kt u k!