Friday, May 1, 2009

76 minutes

that's the total of minutes i've been talking with my mom on the phone. she's just staying home with ad. abah went to mersing to bring the badminton fellows for the tournament. khal went to camping at malacca i think.

me: ma... another 3 months going back home. rndu la kt sume org

mama: eleh... exam 2 hbskn dlu. wat leklok. jgn memain

me: yela

mama: awak 2 untung blh blk every year. org len 2 xlbik pn

me: kwn sab blk 2x. winter and summer

mama: bnyk la eh nk blk 2x

me: hehehe

mama: ad nk ckp dgn kakak x?

ad: xnk. ma, goreng nugget

and guess wat ad's doing? she's watching maid in manhattan. a 7 year old girl? hahaha

me: ma... ckp dgn dia kkak xnk bli present utk dia

mama: ad, kkak ckp xnk bli present utk ad

memang adik yg kurang hasam kn? hehehe

i really can't wait to go back home and meet all my family. miss them so much. huhuhu. btw, congrats to nad. finally you got to go to uitm and do accounts kn? hehehe. i think accounts is something that science student ended up doing after they give up with science subject. happened to me once. but because i didn't have the chance to do it thanks to mazola si minyak masak that controls the student entrance at usm i ended up here alhamdulillah. i even got the letter from kpt but because of that minah keparat yg nak sume org dok sembah melutut kt dia. sorry la if you want me to do that. mazola... you can kiss my ass if you want me to do that. not once in my lifetime i'm gonna do that though my mum asked me to. call me ego or what but i think i'm on the right side. even my dad agrees with me there. hahaha. i sumpah anak you semua terperuk kt usm.2 pun coz u cntrol usm 2. hahaha. nmpk sngt guna cable kn? xde capability nk msuk uni dgn kmmpuan sndri. very low. so to thouse usm students... jgn lyan sngt minah mazola ni. don't ever bow to her once

p/s: to mazola... i really hope you'll come across this entry you asshole

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