Saturday, May 2, 2009

to wani...

happy 21st birthday wani. moga pnjg umur mrh rezeki amin... aten and i went to wani's party at wind black (supposedly pizza party) and we really had fun though i really don't know half bunch of the guys. i didn't take any picture because i didn't bring my cam. haven't charged it yet since the last time i used it during sport's day. played pool for like half an hour with aten and we went back home at 3am. my clothes smells like cigars. euw!!! i really can't smell them. if i do, then my head will turn super dizzy. that's why abah always smoke outside the house. thank god he's no longer smoking. i didn't know about it till last year i went back to malaysia. i bought abah an ashtray as souvenir but suddenly mama said "la... kmu xtau ke abah dh stop smoking?". i was like "huh? biar btol?". thank god he realized it soon. i even prepared a lecture for him actually to stop but i guess i don't have to nag at him.


nadHiraH said...

reli pak lang da stop smoke???
i dun even noe it dear!
gud for ur dad (;

sabrina halim said...

yep. haha. tau xpe. trkjut gler kot