Tuesday, May 12, 2009

heavy sleeper

i am a heavy sleeper. slept at 11pm. wanted to wake up at 3am. woke up then i turned off the alarm. then 4am. later 5am. lastly i managed to wake up at 7am this morning. finally!!! my best alarm - definitely mama@abah. why? because they told me that their pitch makes me wake up. i guess it's true then. hehehe. sometimes, it takes people a while to wake me up. like mama said - bom meletop pun kamu x sedar kalau tidur.

p/s: the day after tomorrow is my exam. wish me luck peeps! my heart is pumping like crazy now


Aiza Aidid said...

hahaha.. bese la klu tdo kn..
pnt2!! hehe

btw, best of luck k!!

sabrina halim said...

hahaha. btol 2. alright. thanks. jgn lpa doakn i tau