Saturday, May 16, 2009


finally i did my half a month's laundry. it's study months. no classes so not that many of clothes been used. so i have to wait till my laundry bag is full. i feel so happy that i did it. today, after practical exam we went to KFC for dinner but not dinner la actually cause it's during tea time. kekeke. later we went to metro(supermarket) to buy some stuff. when i got back home, i straight away went to do my laundry. today is a break for me. no books! who would have thought that the practical is straightly after written. i thought it's going to be on the same day with oral but then i guess i'm wrong. currently, i'm trying to finish watching ANTM . hopefully, i can finish it by today so that i can start my revision soon. like that's gonna happen. hehehe

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