Friday, May 29, 2009

hello new house

finally... after a year waiting, we're moving out to our actual house. what a relieve! we can't believe that baba actually agreed to lower the price from 1200 le to 1000 le. happy 3x. we've tried so many times before but we couldn't get him to agree with it. don't know what happened to him recently that makes him agree with it. we're moving out tomorrow. thank god that he'll hire someone to help us move out and thanks again baba for letting us move the stuff that we want from the old house to the new one. yippie!!! i'll be in the same room with kak nani while aten and bobo will each have their own room. we'll rotate every year so that it'll be fair to everyone else. hopefully we can stay here till we finish our studies insyaAllah

p/s: i'm broke and i really need to withdraw some money


fannie said...

chop2.. slame ni korg still dok block B or what???? oii, habes la due eko ni dok sebilik.. layan korea je keje nnti! haha.

sabrina halim said...

xla. dok rmh lain tp rmh ni 2 blik je. ni kr rmh smntra la. yg ktorg dok nnt 3 blik. hahaha. 2la psl. nnt ktorg mst trror ckp korea