Wednesday, May 6, 2009

salah siapa?

fait's been a bit rocky at my house lately. 1st... the feud between a and b. then somehow a got so into her emotions that it's become hard between me and her. now a just talk to c. c is being neutral but obviously she's on my n b's side. duh! so i guess i've seen your true color eh? guess you're not the sweet and innocent type at all. i even shut my ears to my best friend just so that i can try and change what people always talk about you. to alia - i guess you're totally right all these long. she's definitely not worth it. no wonder all her friends stay away one by one. only these 3 best friends remain. wonder why they don't stay in the same house. hopefully, she'll be out for good. though i'll be a loner, it's better than having her with me. i've had enough. i'm becoming a bad person because of her. screw you! i can't no longer stand all your anger, shouts, complains. just name it and i've downed through it all. i just hope that you won't be doing the same thing you did to you best friends now that i know the truth. no wonder you've been keeping it a secret from me. now you're trying to tell all the people how bad the 3 of us are. go on! i don't give a damn what people going to say. awak tu jela betol. kami ni jela salah. we are all 1@2 year older than you are. we've been through a lot. you're just a fresh grads from high school. to b and c, let's just pray that all this will be over soon.

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