Friday, July 3, 2009

egyptians are being so egptians

we went to gamaah this morning to pay the money for our papers. we waited ibrahim for like an hour. he said just 5 minutes but turned out to be 1 hour. so typical arab la kan. then when we wanted to pay the money to the treasurer he/she wasn't there. so we went back home feeling disappointed. muka assistant kat office tu mmg la toye belaka ye! i went to gala' to buy skinny but didn't find 1. so aten ended up buying a nice pair of shoes at milano. then we headed back home and straight away went to bed but i couldn't sleep. the net is like bullshit lately. it's been ages since i last call home. blame the net!

5 minutes earlier, i buzzed this so-called my close friend la. but being so typical of him, he didn't reply me back. bila de kepentingan je then only you'll seek for me kan? just get out of my life la. i don't need people like you. argh!!! tension

less than 2 hours before i leave for Cairo. fyi, i haven't eaten a thing yet since morning and my stomach is making some noise. hungry3x. now only i feel sleepy. huhuhu

do i wanna go back to malaysia this early? i don't think so. not mentally and especially physically ready. hahaha. gotta shed off few kilos before i go back home. this morning konon wanted to jog but ended up lying on bed. my PMS is getting serious. my stomach, back and chest are aching and i did the silliest thing - i drank lots of pepsi which by the way not so good for your PMS

so i'm waiting for maghrib right now and after we'll straight away go to utubis dauli. i feel so tired right now. can i go by bus? don't want tremco. huhuhu. gotta go now peeps! will blog bout Cairo after i get back. i may be staying there for 2@3 days. so see you guys soon. ciao bella!!!

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